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New premium sushi,and experience at Victoria Drive


Omotenashi means hospitality to others. Our Omotenashi menu strives to provide authentic and contemporary Japanese meals to our beloved community. Our main items will be sushi, but we are not limited to provide varieties of Japanese cuisine at our location.


We will collaborate with local and Japanese suppliers to bring premium ingredients and tastes to your table.  

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From Premium Sushi to family bundle at home

In traditional Japanese meals, there is an idea that one should eat five various vegetables of color and type. The Omotenashi menu focuses on this concept while bringing out the full and natural flavor of the ingredient. We believe the Omotenashi menu emphasizes a healthier and more balanced meal. Our recipes are a fusion of Western and Japanese style home recipes. Some hearty meals we offer include garden bentos, Japanese curries (vegan options available), sashimi and sushi.




About us.

 Authentic Japanese cuisine at Victoria Drive

Omotenashi is a sister concept housed at our original location- Kokoro Ramen. Omotenashi is a healthy food choice option for our customers looking for something healthier and lighter.


We believe in the concept of "motenai" which is the spirit of using all ingredients fully.


We mindfully try to reduce waste and garbage. We add the veggie and meat products from the Omotenashi menu to flavor the soup of our sister store Kokoro Ramen.